Authentication tool
of the New Era

The AI powered faceID.js brings your website authentication system to the next level and lets you manipulate user accounts by associating facial descriptors with usernames.


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We will demonstrate user identification based on the previous data (username, photo) that is given upon registration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use it?

"Face ID" technology does not only push the web autheniation to its limits but also enhances the overall UX by completely changing the way users perceive their identities on your platform.

Any actual benefits?

An additional security layer will sit on top of your authentication process by making usual usernames obsolete and letting users associate their accounts with their actual face images prior to using passwords.

What is the underlying technology?

Computer Vision and Machine Learning technologies let us first compute the facial landmarks by leveraging the power of pre-trained Deep Learning models and analyzing the distance between the input and facial-landmark vectors stored in the database.

Is it production ready?

Since ordinary laptops and phones do not have the "True Depth Camera" and infrared lights, it is still impossible to achieve great accuracy and ship it to prodution only by using our current technologies. However, we recommend using faceID.js as a way to link usernames to faces instead of passwords to faces.